Elevating your Candidate Experience for the Digital World

About this session: 


In this new digital & remote era, what does delivering a world-class candidate experience look like? Perhaps this question is better asked by thinking about how you might fail to do so when you are unable to meet face-to-face.

Behaviors such as not providing feedback to job applicants in real time after they’ve submitted their applications (or ever), delivering highly impersonal communications, and not providing valuable resources to rejected candidates are all contributing factors to distrust and poor employer branding.

pymetrics’ award winning platform targets each of these crucial areas of the application and post-application process to help your team optimize & support your incoming talent pool. After all, your candidates are likely also your consumers--in the words of pymetrics’ Client Pieter Schalkwijk, Head of Talent Acquisition at Kraft Heinz, “...if we reject a candidate, I still want them to buy our ketchup.”

In this session learn:
- Why establishing trust with job seekers is key to recruiting and business success
- How tools like pymetrics can enable your team to provide incoming candidates with instantaneous feedback & valuable insights about their cognitive, emotional, and social aptitudes
- How you can deliver personalized career guidance to rejected candidates at scale
- How pymetrics has transformed the job application process… take it from the candidates themselves!


  • Jenn Perez, Chief People Officer, pymetrics
  • Yael Burla, Sr. Product Manager, pymetrics

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