Ethics in AI-driven People Decisions

About this session: 


In the context of technology, terms like “ethical,” “equitable,” and “human-centered” are often framed as idealistic or a “nice to have”, especially in difficult times when organizations are faced with making faster decisions with fewer resources.

What organizations must realize is that an ethical hiring process and diverse workforce is even more crucial during these periods as a diverse workforce is a workforce diversified in experiences, skills, talents and ideas at a time when there are less minds to contribute.

As HR leaders investigate and implement AI solutions to help with talent acquisition and management, it can be difficult to navigate doing so ethically. In this session hear from Kelly Trindel, Head of Policy + I/O science at pymetrics, and Kelly Forbes, Co-founder of the AI Asia Pacific Institute to learn:

  • What ethical AI means and the implications for your organization & society
  • How to leverage AI to create a more efficient and ethical hiring process
  • How to ensure you aren’t perpetuating existing biases with AI
  • What to ask technology partners to ensure ethical standards in your process
  • Best practices for implementing and maintaining ethical AI tools


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