Ethical Recruiting and Hiring Automation Considerations

About this session: 

As economies open up in fits and starts during this COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are trying to plan for their recruiting and hiring needs for the next 6-12+ months. Considering the majority of job candidates will never make it beyond applying and early screening, employers are working on improving automation with AI while reducing screening bias as much as possible.

And with so many AI solution providers on the market today, there are very important ethical considerations that impact recruiting and hiring that heads of HR and talent acquisition need to review and understand before further automating their processes.

Watch this session to learn: 

-Important ethical considerations before automating with artificial intelligence
-How to further remove bias and discrimination from your recruiting and hiring processes
-The importance of ensuring a quality candidate experience throughout the hiring process 


  • Adrianne Pettiford, Head of Client Insights and Analytics at pymetrics
  • Merve Hickok, Founder of

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