Looking to the Future: HR Strategy for 2020 & Beyond

About this session: 

There is no doubt that our workplaces have changed for good: with the COVID-19 pandemic making us rethink the ways in which we show up to work and the Black Lives Matter movement forcing us to face the ways in which we need to go further for racial inclusivity and equity. In this session, our panelists will discuss: 

  • Talent acquisition and recruitment in the new normal 
  • Leveraging digital innovation for the long-term 
  • Intentionality in creating a workplace culture of racial inclusivity and equity 


  • Curtis Brooks, VP, Corporate Career Development, DE&I Education, and Content Curation and Strategy, US Bank
  • Adrianne Pettiford, Head of Client Insights & Analytics, Pymetrics
  • Analissa Sanchez, Director, Talent Acquisition, Methodist Healthcare
  • Stephanie Becerra, Senior Manager, Learning & Professional Development, Southern Gas Association

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