Winning Workforce Strategies

Featuring Global Head of TA, Damian Brown, Chalhoub

About this session: 

To win in the marketplace, organizations must first win with their workforce. But what does a winning workforce strategy look like during times of drastic change both within your organization and society at large?

We're excited to spotlight industry leader, Damian Brown, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, who has paved the way for success at Chalhoub, Middle East-based partner to luxury retailers, during a period of rapid workforce transformation.

Join us to learn how he's designed a resilient and people-centered talent acquisition strategy. Hear more about the challenges the organization has faced in light of the global health crisis, and how the solutions he has introduced to transform his talent process are driving improvements in business outcomes in addition to elevating Chalhoub's employee & candidate experience.

In this session, learn more about:

  • The key principles Chalhoub have applied to their transformation and the reasons behind them
  • How this has guided their selection and adoption of technology
  • Their plans to use data-driven approaches to talent acquisition and beyond
  • Their approach to adapting existing talent for new roles

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